Sagar Group offers access to world-class resources for personal and professional growth. We are committed to provide best infrastructure and opportunities for articulation and performance. We arrange for training on regular intervals to update and upgrade skills of all members, ensuring their compatibility and confidence building for handling challenges to excel in deliverance.

At the entry level, you will be working in dynamic teams to develop your knowledge and expertise across a number of technology areas. These teams may work on projects in product development, infrastructure management or business systems management, as the finest and roles for the growth of group in alignment of the individuals. The group ensure opportunities to all its members to deliver the results with capabilities and potential yet upgrading the talent with growth.

Women Empowerment. Women Employment.

Women employed at Sagar Group lead from the front with their work and roles to impact communities. Sagar Group wants to enable more women across the state to have their voices heard and influence decisions by impactive lives. The group has a 45% diverse ratio providing equal job opportunities with a safe working environment.

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Beware of Fraudulent Recruiting!

Recently, some people have been receiving fraudulent emails / phone calls / other communication about job opportunities at Sagar Group. These emails request candidates to deposit money with the agency / in their bank account before they can proceed to the next step in the recruitment process. These emails are not from Sagar Group. We will never ask you to deposit money as part of our recruitment / selection process. If you or someone you know has received one of these emails, please do not respond to it. Sagar Group will not be liable for the consequences of anyone falling prey to this false solicitation.