Director message

Sagar Agrawal

Director, Sagar Group

“Success is a simple measurement of commitment, sacrifice and pain one endures to achieve a dream”, it is with this belief that Sagar Group has become a prominent name in Central India.

Sagar Group is a diversified group with a global vision and reach. The journey of Sagar Group started in 1983.With a diversified chain of Institutions, Real Estate and Manufacturing entities the group has always recognized the need to do more and better always. The recognition we have received reflects our commitment towards achieving quality and excellence.

After I completed my Graduation from Pune, I paired up hands with my father and brother in business affairs. It was then when I got to know the group so well, I am proud that we are a well-known and respected company with a proud heritage in all our ventures.

We have a successful & hardworking team who has always led the company onto the path of success. We are confident that company will achieve milestones of success in the years to come.

With full dedication and excitement we carry pride in what we do.